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What is Bread Improver?

Adding an improver or concentrate to Bread Makers,Bread Machines and any method of bread making will make a massive difference to the loaf of bread, Bread makers especially need this ingredient to help the dough develop properly, many breadmaker manufacturers recommend it. There's many types and different qualities of improver, we only select the best to give you good results.

Ever wondered what Bread Improver is or does or where it comes from? Well read on!!.

Improvers were originally designed to remove the need for the baker to allow the dough to ferment for hours before production could commence, this is called bulk fermentation, at the end of this you have a well developed dough. Old stories tell of bakers falling asleep on top of a lidded tub and only waking when the rising dough pushed them off!! this is when they knew the dough was ready for moulding, proofing (rising) and baking!! Usually home made bread can be quite heavy and have a dense, close crumb structure, a bit like a brick!! The problem is that we need to release the gluten from the flour, this gluten is the gooey stuff that hold the gas bubbles from the yeast together and therefore holds up the rising loaf with lots of air bubbles or cells. To release this gluten and give us a well developed dough, normally we would have to follow the bulk fermentation process mentioned above, however to make bread in a short space of time (bread machines or generally at home) we need to help the gluten to get out of the flour quickly, this is what a basic bread improver does. For ease of use and great results our improvers contain other ingredients for making bread; fats, sugars, milk powders etc Our customised improvers or concentrates (malted wholemeal, soft style etc) are designed to give a specific style of bread like very Soft Rolls or Ciabatta. .

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